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Habits for Teams Workshop

I can help your team to focus and align on priorities.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Alas! the good habits of a team are also only as good as those of their weakest link.

The whole team needs to agree to work together on their chosen habits as a single unit.

Over time, entropy spreads 🙂 Your team needs a Recharge – If any of this is true – 

  • No learning, No fun
  • Low trust, Low respect
  • Nothing has changed, in a long long time

Here are some symptoms to watch out for — 

  • Meetings do not start on time.
  • Action items are turning into suggestions.
  • Loose talk, Group-ism and Politics are surfacing.

The Team needs New Habits.

Habits are a 100 days project. This workshops is a one-day jump start, to your team’s new Habits, that has their buy-in.

The workshop has 3 outcomes –

  1. Helps your team select, their best bets for habits change, as a unit, by helping them look for their challenges and opportunities.
    1. As shaped by business priorities, identified before the workshop
    2. As provided from customer feedback
    3. As benchmarked by industry best practices
  2. Brings everyone up to speed on what is most likely to work. Make it into a 100 day action plan for the team. In the plan, the team also –
    1. Addresses their constraints
    2. Identifies and puts needed enablers in place
    3. Establishes its measures of success
    4. Builds in peer-support for adherence with team rituals. Designing them, if required.
  3. Helps your team take ownership of the changes they want for themselves.

The 100-day action plan is always supported with a specific-to-your-team, follow-up Campaign.

If you want to ensure, no participant is left behind, you can add online Coaching too.

A Followup Campaign may be missing from most other workshops, but not from this one. This differentiates us.

I can help your team to focus and align on priorities.

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