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Helpful Habits Workshop

I can help individuals do self-improvement at work.

Maybe, your employees do not ‘Sharpen their Saw’, because – 

  • There is no training program, that meets their specific needs
  • You have grown so fast, trainings are yet to catch up
  • People expect to be spoon-fed instead of taking ownership to learn

Do your employees,  translate appraisals into constructive action? Are they role ready?

Here are some examples. Many of us –

  • want more than 24 hours in a day, so  they can get everything done.
  • want  to interact better! For some this means listening and asking questions. For others, speaking more and saying No!
  • want more passion at work. A sense of purpose!

We want a new Habit!

Habits are a 100 days project. This workshops is a one-day jump start, to your employee’s helpful-at-work self-improvement.

The workshop has 3 outcomes –

  1. Helps everyone select, their best bet for habit change. Given this is work related, the broad contours can also be
    1. shaped by business priorities,
    2. based on your assessment/ feedback processes, or
    3. left to individual choice.
  2. Brings participants up to speed on what is most likely to work. Helps them, make it into a 100 day action plan, specific to them, that also
    1. Addresses the constraints
    2. Puts the Enablers in place
    3. Gets them ready to – Measure and Manage
    4. Provides Peer Support, with Action Learning
  3. Take ownership of the change, they want for themselves.

The 100-day action plan is always supported with a specific-to-your-participants follow-up Campaign. This keeps the focus alive and active.

Please note that, as Followup > Focus > Conversions Improve — your training ROI goes up.

If you want to ensure, no participant is left behind, you can add online Coaching too.

A Followup Campaign may be missing from most other workshops, but not from this one. This differentiates us.

I help individuals do self-improvement at work.

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