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Healthy Habits Workshop

I can help your employees to take ownership for their own wellness.

Wellness becomes precious, when it is not there. Else, we take it for granted. Lack of wellness, directly impacts productivity.

The best way to ensure wellness – and to fix it, when it is not there – is to form Healthy Habits.

If your employees –

  • have unhealthy lifestyles
  • Doctor says, ‘BP, Sugar – Coming soon!’
  • are Stressed, Sleep poorly

They need a new Habit!

These are some examples of wellness habits – 

  • I am sleeping OK.
  • I exercise, as much as I should.
  • I eat healthy. I do not over-eat.
  • I have decent energy levels, through the day.
  • I am motivated to do my work.
  • I feel a connection to others around and to myself.
  • When I work, I am in flow. Time just flies.
  • I usually have clarity on ‘What next?
  • I can strike balance between opposites and be OK with it.

Habits are a 100 days project. This workshops is a one-day jump start, to a new Healthy Habit.

The workshop has 3 outcomes –

  1. Helps everyone select, their best bet for habit change.
  2. Brings participants up to speed on what is most likely to work. Helps them, make it into a 100 day action plan, specific to them, that also –
    1. Addresses their constraints
    2. Put the enablers in place
    3. Gets them ready to – Measure and Manage
    4. Provides Peer Support, with Action Learning
  3. Take ownership of the change, they want for themselves.

The 100-day action plan is always supported with a specific-to-your-participants follow-up Campaign. This keeps the focus alive and active.

Please note that, as Followup > Focus > Conversions Improve — your training ROI goes up.

If you want to ensure, no participant is left behind, you can add online Coaching too.

A Followup Campaign may be missing from most other workshops, but not from this one. This differentiates us.

I help your employees to take ownership for their own wellness.

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