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Let us Meet

Hi! I am Brij Sethi.

What could be simpler than picking up the phone and saying, ‘Come Over!’? 🙂 It is +91 98454 00499.

Give it a try and I might just take you up on it. Especially if you are around Bangalore. This will also prove to you how brave I am.

Anywhere else – First let us Video-Chat. On skype – brijsethi. On Whatsapp chat  (+91 9845400499)

Later, we could meet face to face, when I travel nearby.  Like  minded souls are hard to come by.

If you seeing a business opportunity for me, I would be naive not to come  running immediately! 🙂 Check out the Helpful Habits Workshop and the Habits for Teams Workshop.

Brij Sethi

+91 98454 00499 (voice, whatsapp)

skype: brijsethi,