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Host an Interaction

Nothing likeĀ getting your colleagues involved, if you want to go somewhere with this.

If all of you are going to be in this together, then chances are, you will stick to it, because of the mutual support. Who wants to look like a shirker, in front of friends you have lunch with? šŸ™‚

I would love to assist you in pitchingĀ wellness and self-improvement,Ā to your colleagues.

Here is what you can expect me to touch upon –

1. How to form a Habit with Head Heart Hands – with wisdom and ideas that work, picked from around the world and from our own traditions.

2. Some experiences with Healthy Habits

3. If participants prefer, we can instead spend more time on Helpful Habits (that are work related)

4. Or, if we areĀ  looking at the team as the unit of change, then we can focus on Team Habits

So what are you waiting for? Ask meĀ  to comeĀ  by šŸ™‚ (contact details here)