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Healthy Habits Workshop

Wellness becomes precious, when it is not there. Else, we take it for granted.

The best way to ensure wellness – and to fix it, when it is not there – is to form Healthy Habits.

Look at these facets in your life, to see if you need a new wellness habit

  • I am sleeping OK.
  • I exercise, as much as I should.
  • I eat healthy. I do not over-eat.
  • I have decent energy levels, through the day.
  • I am motivated to do my work.
  • I feel a connection to others around and to myself.
  • When I work, I am in flow. Time just flies.
  • I usually have clarity on ‘What next?
  • I can strike balance between opposites and be OK with it.

Habits are a 100 days project. This workshops is a one-day jump start, to your new Healthy Habit.

Broadly the workshop does 3 things –

  1. Helps you select, your best bet for habit change.
  2. Brings you up to speed on what is most likely to work. Make it into a 100 day action plan. Check out the Tools Tips and Tricks and expect even more, during the workshop.
  3. Helps you take ownership of the change you want for yourself.