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Head Heart Hands

Help your teams take ownership of their self-improvement, with these 1-day workshops.

These Workshops turn possibility into constructive reality —

  • When whole team needs a recharge
  • When formal training is not feasible
  • When stress and unhealthy lifestyle affect productivity.

A team is only strong as its weakest link

Your whole team needs a Recharge – If any of this is true – 

  • No learning, No fun
  • Low trust, Low respect
  • Nothing has changed, in a long long time

Self-improvement Workshop

If your employees do not ‘Sharpen their Saw’, because – 

  • There is no training program, that meets their specific needs
  • You have grown so fast, trainings are yet to catch up
  • People expect to be spoon-fed instead of taking ownership to learn

Wellness Workshop

It affects their productivity and well-being, if your employees

  • have unhealthy lifestyles
  • Doctor says, ‘BP, Sugar – Coming soon!’
  • are Stressed, Sleep poorly

I can help you to get your employees to take ownership of their self-improvement.

Want to know more?

I am passionate about habit change and love to facilitate.